Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The sheep next door


 Well, across the road, actually, but that didn't sound as good. Isn't he gorgeous?! I can't remember what the children named him, but now at least I understand why Rym and Ashmedine hadn't been mowing their lawn lately.

In a few days it will be Aid al Adha. This is the celebration of the story of Abraham and Isaac which is shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. For those of you who are not biblical scholars, here is a good version of the event.

Sheepy, me, Ashmia and Papito. It is 22 degress, hence the heavy coats on three out of four of us.
Muslims the world over - and they make up twenty percent of the total population - celebrate the sacrifice by buying a sheep and bringing it home and then killing it. For weeks we have been seeing an increase of sheep all over the city. Any little vacant piece of ground has someone squatting on it with a few sheep - or dozens - for sale. I yell at them, "Run, Bambi, run!" but apparently they don't speak deer.

This is a flyer from a local grocery store. "Your sheep at a Giant price." I'm not sure how well this ad worked for them. A local gas station ran a campagne that said, "Play and win - a sheep!" I should be carrying my camera at all times.

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