Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Isle of Djerba

Ah yes. I have survived nine weeks without a long weekend - no Thanksgiving, no Remembrance Day - and now comes the reward. A five-day weekend to rest, relax and recreate. As soon as I knew for sure that Trish was coming, I booked three nights on Djerba, and what a treat that was.

The island is bigger than I had imagined, and completely flat. You can read a lot about it by scrolling through http://www.tunisia.com/tunisia/djerba Therein you will see all the sights that Trish and I missed. Day one we settled in and went the beach. Day two, we went into Midoun to the markets. Day three we rented a car and toured to Matmata on the mainland - a separate page all its own - and day four we went home. Did we see the most important synagogue in the Arab world? No. Did we visit the underground olive pressing plant? No. Did we tour the ancient fort of Borj el-Kebir? No again. Did we have a good time? No. We had a GREAT TIME!!

Cindy-Lou Hoo huts

Palms heavy with dates.

Trish soaking up the shade

Nothing much, but we're calling it home

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Sheep transport

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