Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome back Party

We had to wait a long time for our back to school party because of - you guessed it - Ramadan. It was worth the wait, though. The elementary principal hosted the event in her home. Administrators get an extra housing allowance so they can entertain properly, and boy did she ever! Her admin. assistant made all the food. For a hundred people. All of it. Once again, I forgot my camera, so there are no food shots.

It was a beautiful summer evening and whereas the buffet was set up in the house, the tables were set up in the garden. There was an open bar, a DJ, a dance floor and karaoke. Here are just a few shots taken by a colleague.
Our Director prepares to belt one out at karaoke.

I'm in heaven! I have a colleague who can DANCE!!

But when that Middle Eastern music plays, I'll just dance alone!

Back to JB who has obviously been a very busy man!

Veiled women having fun.

Can you spell macarena?

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