Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

 One of my assistants interrupted my teaching to tell me there was a leak in our staff lunch room. I came running in to find a birthday party! Have you ever seen me look so surprised?
They really got me!
 This is not what it looks like!
 Ella, left, was the temporary replacement of Leyla, right when I arrived at the school. She came back for my special day and brought the cake.
 Have you ever seen such roses? I now get the same florist to bring me a bouquet every Friday so I have flowers in the house on the weekend.
Me and the crew post for a picture. Ridha is the AV specialist, Imen has just returned from maternity leave and is a library clerk, Ella is our emergency back-up clerk and Leyla is the senior clerk. It's a great team.

Two weeks after my actual birth day, the whole gang of newbies went out to dinner to celebrate two birthdays - mine and that of the other librarian. We went to a local restaurant called Dar Tej and since I wasn't smart enough to bring my camera, you're going to just have to make do with this link. I told them it was a dual birthday when I made the reservation, and we settled on a limited menu as a way of helping the kitchen cope with a group of 18. For 25 dinars they provided a pre-appetizer snack, a choice of three appetizers, mains that included steak, whole fish or seafood pasta, and fresh melon for dessert. We brought our own birthday cake and paid extra for wine, which thank heaven is now available. After we paid the bill, the owner came out with floral tributes for each of the birthday "girls". I don't know how they make any money.


  1. Happy belated birthday. Good to see they're taking care of you over there. A librarian I've been tweeting with in Thailand tells me her friend is the elem. librarian in your school. Small world!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Karen. It looks like you are having a terrific time!