Sunday, September 5, 2010

Markets and Souks

Prickly pears, or Barbary figs. Eat 20 a year, my neighbour tells me, and you will never have cancer.

One of the best parts of living in Paris was doing the weekly marketing in Meudon. I am recapturing that feeling here in La Marsa. I have been adopted my a fruit and vegetable seller who delights in individually selecting every carrot, date and banana I buy. The fish is fabulously fresh. It's all sold whole and cleaned and filetted as it is sold. No cheese shop, sadly, but there's a place that sells the best fresh pasta I've ever eaten, next to Steve and Moira's, of course!

These pictures, however, are not of the La Marsa market, but of its Sunday souk. This has a much more rural feel. There are still sellers of fruits and vegetables, but the only meat is still on the hoof - or rather claw.
Chicken, anyone?
There are dozens of tables loaded with used clothing, bedding and drapes, and amazing deals are to be had. I've only gone the once, and it was just too hot for me to feel like piling through the stuff.

Can you say hot and dusty?

Gorgeous spices
Gorgeous spice vendor

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