Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Libby to her friends Molly and Ellie

Dear Molly and Ellie

I thought I would try sending you a message while Karen is out at the market. She always comes home with chicken carcasses and gizzards and other great stuff, so I don't mind when she goes. Also, it takes her a long time because she seems to have lost her car. She has to get in the yellow cars of strangers and it takes longer that way. I really miss car rides and sometimes try to get into cars on the street if they leave the back door open long enough.

I am getting used to Tunisia. The heat was awful at first. I was very thankful in the end that my mistress had had me shaved before we came. Even still, I spent much of my time lying sprawled out on the cool stone floor of the living room. At night, I sleep upstairs where we put on the air conditionner if it is too hot to sleep. This is a machine that makes the air cold. I don't mind any more that I am not allowed on the furniture, because it's really nicer on the floor. Anyway, it's much cooler now, so I get on the couch sometimes when no one is home. You?

I am used to spending a fair bit of time alone during the day, so I don't mind tooooo much. I do miss you and my friend Sandy who lives with Steve and Moira. No one plays with me here. Karen takes me for two walks every day and my new person, Mabrouka, walks me during the day, but it's not as much fun as play fighting with you two. Also, she never has good-smelling pockets like Mike. At first I think I made Mabrouka nervous, but we're getting used to each other.

In the morning, Karen and I go to the field across the road, which is really great. Sometimes I find free things to eat in the dirt. Can you believe it? And it always smells great from the sheep. Karen does not let me off the leash when the sheep are there. She said something about poor impulse control. Do you think she meant me or the sheep? If the sheep are gone, I am allowed off leash to chase birds or just run and run. That's my favourite. This week we had a lot of rain. Big noisy rain with even ice pellets. You would not have like it all all because there was also thunder and lightning. Now the field is very muddy. I still like it, but I don't like having my paws washed after. Karen is very fair about it, though, and washes the bottoms of her shoes before we are allowed back inside.

In the evening, we walk around our neighbourhood because it's too dark for Karen to go to the field. She can only see the field during the day; isn't that funny? Anyway, during the night walk I have to be on leash the whole time because our neighbourhood is full of cats. Full, full, full. You would love it. I would get a lot more exercise if she would let me chase them properly. It's not as fun just pulling and pulling on the lead. Karen says "Leave it" and "Heel" all the time on our night walks. Do you know what that means? I think she is mad at those cats, but if you can tell me what she is saying to them, it would be fun to know. You are so much smarter than I am about human words. You always seem to know what they're saying.

If Karen goes away for one night like she did one time, our Mabrouka comes and sleeps here. She moves my bed from Karen's room to her room which is very nice of her. I sleep at the foot of her bed until I know she is asleep, and then as usual, I go downstairs. I love being near my people, but I think it is important to be near the front door, don't you? If you promise not to tell, I will tell you a secret. To read my secret, you will have to put your mouse over the end of this sentence. Sometimes I get up on the couch at night. 
One time Karen went away for a forever long time. That was awful. I stayed at the vet's for months and months, mostly in a cage. The other dogs barked a lot and I hate that. Mabrouka has religious times during Karen's holidays so she cannot stay here. She needs to be with her people when it is religious. I have a bad feeling that things are going to be religious again soon. If I am really good, do you think she might let me stay home by myself? I am an adult now. Do Pat and Mike let you stay at home alone when they go away?
I think I accidentally chased a cat with my mouth full of ball a few weeks ago. Sometimes those cats need a great big barking, and it's easy to forget you have a ball in your mouth. Now we have to wait for something called a shipment to come before I can get a new ball. I don't know what a shipment is, but it sounds like all the good things you can imagine all at once. We are very excited about ours. Do you have a shipment? Lots of people are waiting for one here.

My paws are getting sore, and Karen may be home soon. She has either gone for five minutes or a few days. I am never sure.  Please lick Pat and Mike's face for me.

Love and licks,

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