Sunday, October 23, 2011

Election Day - Oct. 23, 2011

This video is the best "get out the vote"campaign I have ever seen. For those, like Paige, who witnessed the fall of Ben Ali, it is goose-bump making stuff.

Election day was very calm. It's was beautiful, warm sunny day, and there was a large voter turnout. Ennadha, the Islamic party, is predicting a win, and we can only hope that that is not the case. We must also hope that should they not win, they will be exemplary losers. Rumours are flying, but they are just that - rumours.

I went out with my camera this afternoon to catch a bit of the action. Earlier in the day, people had lined up for two hours and more to cast their ballots, but Sunday lunch is sacrosanct family time in Tunisia, so I didn't witness that.

To prevent anyone from voting twice, every person had to dip their index fingertip in semi-permanent ink before leaving the polling place. It will be a badge of honour tomorrow, I am sure.
Rym with Papito's drawing, titled "For my children."

Short lunch hour lineup in La Marsa.

Proud group of friends

Proud couple - she wearing her "Dégage" - Get out! - t-shirt

Three handsome types on their way to vote.
Hedy our head guard proudly giving me the finger!

On this evening's news, a BBC reporter asked a man standing in line who he thought would win. "We all win," he said. "We win because we're here voting, and because we don't already know who is going to win." Perfect answer.

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