Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Update from my Director

It has certainly been an historic last 24 hours and the political demonstrations appear to have subsided with the departure of the president. I have been informed that the military is now moving into Tunis to take control of security in place of the police. If you have been out today, you will have seen green uniformed soldiers with tanks, etc in place of the usual blue suited police. They have now placed army in front of supermarkets, banks, etc and are gradually expanding to regain control.

There are still a great many looters out trying to take advantage of the void in police control. In response many neighborhoods have organized their own security possies to protect their homes and businesses from the looters. That being the case, you are advised to remain at home and to keep a low profile until the situation is under better control.

There is a curfew set for this evening from 5 PM until 7 AM tomorrow. Please follow this since I believe the military plans to enforce it very strictly.

There was a rumor today that the city water supply had been poisoned and was not drinkable. This rumor is false. The water has been tested and remains safe for your use.

Given that virtually all of the larger grocery stores have been burned and or closed (owned by the former president's family), you will need to find groceries in the smaller neighborhood stores which are now opening in the mornings for a few hours. Please try to stock up on supplies when you can locate them. Please let me know if you are short of food and unable to locate supplies. We also have some dinar cash available if you are short of cash. Please call me early tomorrow if I can help with this.

Although the situation is fluid and uncertain, I was told this afternoon that no expat or expat homes had been harmed. With the political demonstations over and that battle won, it is now a question of the military dealing with those who would like to take criminal advantage of the police void. Let's hope that this happens relatively quickly and that we can resume our normal existence. I will be in contact tomorrow...stay safe.



  1. Hi, I'm really glad to see your message as I'm Chinese and plan to go Tunisia to travel on 19/1. I'm now really worry the safety issue and wonder are those travel place like Sidi Bou Said safe or not ? Should I go or give up? Hope you be safe there and keep updating us : )

  2. Miss , I can't answer that and won't be able to for several months. Read all the news and travel guides you can. There are no guarantees even if you do that. Until a month ago, Tunisia had the reputation of being the most stable, safe country in the Arab world. Now look at it.

    Don't let this deter you from traveling though. It's mostly a question of using your head and following instructions if there ever is trouble.