Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sidi Bou Said

Me pretending I live here. Welcome!
This morning I got a call from one of the young single teachers in our group asking if I would like to join two of them in a trip to the neighbouring town of Sidi Bou Said, pronounce sah-eed. Heck, yes!
Don't you love the blues?
Me in the library of the former palace of Baron d'Erlanger, and 18th century home consisting of 55 rooms.
After a long climb up and up the main street, we enjoyed the magnificent view across the strait to Hammamet. We toured an old mansion that is still partly inhabited by descendents of its original owners, then went to the Café des Nattes, former hangout of André Gide and Gauguin. They probably had something stronger, but we had orange pressé - the surly waiter told us they never or rarely had lemons for citron pressé which is ridiculous since they're hanging on half the trees on the street - and shared a snack of cut melons and a cheese-stuffed pastry.


  1. Hi Karen!

    I love your blog! These pictures are awesome! I can't believe you are actually there! I do love the blues... it reminds me of Greece.

    I just wanted to say you were right... about Hunger Games... Someone lent it to me the other day and I started it on Thursday... luckily my neighbour dropped off the 2nd book, catching fire... which I started less then 24 hours ago... thank God for my sanity because I only have to wait until Monday for the third book!!! I'm going to go to Bolen books when it opens and pick it up with the gift certificate I got from Alana! There is word online that there is supposed to be a movie? I hope so.... I like it when book are made into movies... though its never as good as reading them.

    Hope you and Libby are having a blast!... doe sit cool down? do the nights get cold?

  2. Karen, Your friend Lesley sent me your blog as I am also an international school librarian (here in Bangkok). I am completely enjoying your blog and reading of your adventures. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! I also passed your blog onto a friend who is also a librarian in Tunis--at the American School. :)