Friday, July 30, 2010

Leaving Canada

Ah, travel.

Bonnie drove me from Carp to Aéroport Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the blinding rain. Thanks to her caution, we arrived in what I thought was plenty of time, but because of the dog, I barely made the official check-in time.

 Then, due to a technical glitch – specifically that one of the four backup batteries to the plane’s electrical system could not be made to connect - it took 24 hours longer than foreseen to get out of Dodge. They held us for five hours before unloading the baggage - including Libby - and sending us to a hotel. I got into bed at 4 and had to be up at 9 to rebook.
 I was travelling with twice the free baggage allowance, plus a dog.

 Use your imagination as to how much fun this was.

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